A Room Full of Nothing

A Room Full of Nothing is a Feature Film written by Duncan Coe and produced by TurtleDove Films. It explores the ideas of the complexity of modern relationships, the transient nature of art, isolationism & escapism and classic absurdity. The story follows Phyllis, a collage artist and Barry, an actor, as they navigate reality when they wake up one day to discover they are the last two people left on Earth.

Post-Production Updates

Hi, y’all!


We're happy to let y'all know that we are slowly, but surely, making progress on post-production. We are a very very small 5 person team at this point (Will painting + Duncan animating, doing vfx and animations + Charlie coloring + Tim mixing sound + me standing over all of their shoulders asking if they're done yet) and it turns out, the last steps are the most intricate and take the longest. So, patience, my friends (I'm saying this to myself too).

Since we last wrote to you, Duncan has completed the color on our two rotoscope animation scenes and is working on completing the backgrounds. Will has completed two of the four oil paintings for our 3rd animated sequence and Duncan has scanned both of those into After Effects and has begun chopping them up to create a 3D space to animate them in. Charlie has completed his first pass on our color grade and Tim has done two passes on our sound mix. I'd say the movie is 90-ish% complete at this point. 

This is the version we submitted to SXSW. 

We're now working hard to finish all the little details and are holding off on other film festival submissions until then. What are all those little details? I'm glad you asked.

Up next, we have:

-Duncan completes backgrounds on rotoscoped scenes

-Will finishes the last two paintings

-Duncan animates all four paintings to make one big rad animated sequence

-Charlie does a pass or two more on color

-Tim does (probably) one more pass on sound

Then, we wait to hear from Sundance & South By, while we do media & poster designing and other film fest submissions.