Post-Production Progress

Things are truckin' along in post-production and so much is happening that I'm just gonna bullet it out for you in order of how things have happened since we last spoke.

-We have done 3 rough cuts of the film and plan to have a 4th done by the time our works-in-progress screening comes around (more on that later)

-We applied for a bunch of grants that we hope will pull in some money for post, but for now, Duncan has volunteered to take on a lot of responsibility to keep our costs low. I could go on for pages and pages about how grateful I am that he is able and willing to take on so many technical aspects of this project but I'm sure you get the picture.

-Duncan is doing the picture cutting and the rotoscope animation for our 2 rotoscoped sequences. We've also enlisted his brother, Will, who's a sequential artist to lend his skills for a 3rd animated sequence.

-Our DP, Charlie Pearce, has also started the process of color correcting and color grading the movie. Here's a sneak peek example of why color is so important:

1532460140-color example.png

We were chosen for a work-in-progress screening with Austin Film Society on August 1 at 7pm!


This screening is open to any Austin Film Society MAKE level members or above. If you aren't an AFS member, or aren't in Austin, never fear: this isn't our premiere. This is a private, closed screening of a rough cut so that we can get trusted eyes on our movie to get some feedback from people who haven't been staring at our computers since April. We want to make sure we're serving our audience the best we can, and controlled test screenings like this lead to valuable feedback that we'll use for our Fine Cut, which we'll start sending out to the big dog festivals like Sundance and SXSW. We'll let y'all know when we have public screening news as soon as we know and are allowed to tell.

-After two rounds of notes from our creative team, we made a list of pick-up shots and started shooting them this week; this is another element we plan to have dropped into the 4th cut for the WIP screening. Sunday found us at THE CORNER STORE, a new location that we cut from our original schedule and they were the most gracious hosts.

It was so freaking fun to get the gang back together and it made us all the more giddy to see each other again this week when we pick up a couple of shots in the art gallery, Barry & Phyllis' house and Steve the Neighbor's house.

-Our final piece of news (for now): we hired our composer, Michael Sempert!

We've had 2 amazing spotting sessions with him and he's already hard at work with cues and we couldn't be happier with how he, Duncan and I are immediately gelling. He's a valuable addition to our team and I'm so excited to share more sound related news in future updates.

Until then, follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram if you haven't already for real-time updates during pick-ups this week. I'll be on the Insta Story (@ARFONmovie) all week, so it'll be like you're there with us. <3

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